Stubbleman documented his journey across the USA by shooting footage for a collection of videos, intended as a companion piece to the Mountains and Plains album.

The eleven short films (one for each track) are a visual response to the music. Consciously abstract and suggestive, they are a moving image impression of the landscapes: endless train tracks, sleepless cities, nostalgic ruins, big skies, high deserts and lost junctions. They will be projected during Stubbleman’s live performances and, watched independently or as a complete, hour-long feature film, this collection of evocative visuals informs and enhances the reflective, contemplative power of the music, inviting the viewer to explore the detailed layers of its repetitive yet complex soundscape.

Two of these films, Moonstone Beach and Badlands Train, appear below, together with a sneak preview of the exciting live set in development for a series of concerts – starting this autumn with the world premiere at From the Source Festival in Coventry on 9th November (buy tickets here) and a London premiere at the EFG London Jazz Festival on 20th November (buy tickets here)

See it all on Stubbleman’s YouTube channel

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