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Sold-Out London debut at the Southbank Centre’s Purcell Room!
‘..immersive and mesmering’, ‘hypnotic, really enchanting.’, ‘outstanding’…
Thank you all for being such a brilliantly receptive audience, I was totally thrilled by the reception.
This feeling of intimacy with 250 people at once – as if they were in your living room.
It was equally wonderful to see that I’d reached out to many international friends!

So…many thanks…
…merci beaucoup, grazie mille, muchas gracias, danke schön, mockrát děkuji, moltes gràcies!

– Read the review by Mat Smith on Documentary Evidence here –
– Read the review by Sam Street in Jazzwise Magazine here –

Artist and composer extraordinaire Simon Fisher Turner
has created a wonderfully intimate remix of ‘Abiquiù’

It has vocals, and acoustic guitar recorded in the bathtub…so inspired, and effortlessly cool.
I really love this, and I hope you enjoy it too!

– Available here on Spotify and all digital platforms –
It’s the second in a series of remixes by innovative artists – more surprises coming in 2020…

This is the Empty Stage, minutes before our first ever show at Warwick Arts

Great vibes, beautiful room, and a really appreciative audience
with perceptive questions for the Q&A that followed.
Thank you all for an amazing night!

‘Longwood’ has been remixed by Penelope Trappes,
and it’s a panoramic, magnificent rework!

– Available here on Spotify and all digital platforms –
It’s the first in a series of remixes by innovative artists – more surprises in store…

Exclusive edit of ‘Griffith Park’ with the 50th edition of ‘The Wire Tapper’.
Thank you The Wire magazine for including Stubbleman in this excellent selection!

There’s an exclusive edit of ‘Griffith Park’ on the 50th edition of ‘The Wire Tapper’, the cover mount CD for The Wire magazine (issue 426, August 2019). It’s also included with the digital edition.

Attached to the cover of every copy of the August 2019 issue of The Wire is a special double CD marking 50 volumes of The Wire’s ongoing series of underground music compilations. Disc one contains the usual Tapper mix of all new tracks from across the musical spectrum covered in the pages of The Wire, while disc two features a selection of exclusive tracks and edits drawn from previous volumes in the series.

‘Mountains and Plains’ – Playback + Q & A
at Stanfords Travel bookshop, London

It was an absolute pleasure to host an evening playback followed by a Q & A to a packed house
at the legendary Stanfords travel bookshop (Purveyors of Maps & Travel Guides since 1853)
to celebrate the release of ‘Mountains and Plains’ – The first time they’ve ever hosted a music event!
Thank you to all present and for the damned great questions!

Katsutoshi Yuasa collaboration
at The Royal Academy, London

Katsutoshi Yuasa
The Mother Road #1, 2019

I’m absolutely thrilled to announce an exclusive sound installation and album preview 
at the Royal Academy of Arts,
for the 34th annual London Original Print Fair on Young Collectors’ Evening,
in collaboration with Katsutoshi Yuasa and Tag Fine Arts.

Thursday 25th of April
Royal Academy of Arts
Main Galleries, Burlington House
Piccadilly, W1J 0BD
To redeem your complimentary tickets
simply follow this link to download or print your invitation

TAG Fine Arts will be debuting Katsutoshi Yuasa‘s latest prints.
These limited edition woodcuts were created as the artist’s visual response
to the album cover of ‘Mountains and Plains’.

Katsutoshi Yuasa
The Mother Road #2, 2019

These artworks will be featured in a sound installation at The Young Collectors evening,
where I’ll be presenting an exclusive preview playback of Mountains & Plains,
accompanied by bespoke automated instruments fitted into vintage Globetrotter suitcases.

Lecce. Puglia

Soundtrack written in collaboration with artist Heidi Locher (Studio Locher) for Zagara, an Art Center & Artist’s retreat in Puglia, Southern Italy.

Skyline Drive
London, Berlin

Commissioned specifically for a 4D limited edition Space Trix (Vol. 2) release, mixed in 4D Sound  in Berlin.



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