The Blackbird Tapes

The Blackbird Tapes

This EP, composed during the first three weeks of lockdown, is inspired by field recordings of blackbirds and their friends singing at different times of the morning near the windows of my North London home.

I’ve taken the melodies and atmospheres evoked by the recordings and used a minimalist arrangement, simply overlaid with upright piano and analogue synth, to create the three compositions that form the EP:
4am Conversation | 6am Chorus | 8am Soliloquy

These meditative pieces are my attempt to capture the essence of the strangest time in our collective history, when we retreated indoors, the planes stopped flying, the air cleared and the flourishing of nature with an upsurge in birdsong astounded us all.

4am Conversation
(blackbird, tawny owl, robin)
6am Chorus
(blackbird, jackdaw, wren, chiffchaffwoodpigeon)
8am Soliloquy
(great tit)

(click on the birds names to find out more about them, courtesy of the RSPB)

Out 05.06.20 on Crammed Discs
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