So thrilled to announce this World premiere @warwickarts From The Source. Humbled to be with such awesome artists!

Rage and shame at what my country has allowed itself to become, at the government that's appointed itself, at the contemptible worthlessness of the opposition, at the misery so many people are suffering, at the worse that is to come.

Radio Stubbleman update - Issue #7, August 2019: Warning: It is dangerous to look at the sun… so close your eyes and listen to the beguiling sounds of these extraordinary musicians.
Current and previous playlists are archived on the website (link in Biog)

Received as a present, this fascinating collection. Clever man - and surprisingly funny...@johncagetrust #silence #johncage #inspiringreads

My feelings exactly... this poster from Camden Poster Workshop said it all in 1970. #camdenposterworkshop #NotMyPM #nofaithinpolitics

Really loved listening to this fascinating series #newweirdbritain with @JahDuran on @BBCRadio4 - Still available on BBC Sounds! Really interesting and challenging creators with unique ideas.

Freebie alert: Exclusive 'Griffith Park’ edit on 50th 'The Wire Tapper’, the cover mount CD for @thewiremagazine - Digital v. out today!

📽️ WATCH: @BorisJohnson has a record of dishonesty, of stoking division in communities and of explicitly racist language. He is not fit for office.

👇 Don’t let racism go unchallenged - share if you agree. #PMQs

For #throwbackthursday, #sequentialcircuits #model800 serial 200 (of 400) #vintagesequencer #stubbleman #mountainsandplains #crammeddiscs

Excellent interview by Philippe Cornet in @focusvif - 🙏Merci beaucoup! #stubbleman #stubblemanmusic #album #mountainsandplains #crammeddiscs

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