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4 Stars in The Guardian!
This is one brilliant review, thank you so much Neil!

Katsutoshi Yuasa collaboration
at The Royal Academy

Katsutoshi Yuasa
The Mother Road #1, 2019

I’m absolutely thrilled to announce an exclusive sound installation and album preview 
at the Royal Academy of Arts,
for the 34th annual London Original Print Fair on Young Collectors’ Evening,
in collaboration with Katsutoshi Yuasa and Tag Fine Arts.

Thursday 25th of April
Royal Academy of Arts
Main Galleries, Burlington House
Piccadilly, W1J 0BD
To redeem your complimentary tickets
simply follow this link to download or print your invitation

TAG Fine Arts will be debuting Katsutoshi Yuasa‘s latest prints.
These limited edition woodcuts were created as the artist’s visual response
to the album cover of’Mountains and Plains’.

Katsutoshi Yuasa
The Mother Road #2, 2019

These artworks will be featured in a sound installation at The Young Collectors evening,
where I’ll be presenting an exclusive preview playback of Mountains & Plains,
accompanied by bespoke automated instruments fitted into vintage Globetrotter suitcases.

Splendid review, published in Libération
Thank you so very much for listening, Eric!
(English translation below)
Libération 6-7 April 2019

Stubbleman – The Crazy Driver

In a contemplative album, Pascal Gabriel builds on the soundscape of his American roadtrip.

On the sand of Moonstone Beach, halfway bewteen Los Angeles and San Francisco, Stubbleman read Jack Kerouac’s Big Sur and recorded the sound made by the waves of the Pacific. To get there, he had driven from New York and crossed fifteen states, stopping here and there: a plantation in Mississippi, a snow-covered plateau in Colorado, a run-down New Mexico town, beside the railroad which crosses the Badlands, on Highway 61, immortalised by Dylan.

Whenever he stopped, he took photographs and set his field recorder to capture the sounds around him. The eleven recordings, and the impressions he gathered along the way, constitute the raw material for Mountains and Plains, an album whose ambient nature reflects the slowness with which these American panoramas slide by, as seen from an automobile on a dead-straight road. A roadtrip is a meditative experience, confirms Stubbleman, alter-ego of composer- producer Pascal Gabriel, someone we knew back in the days before he became so chilled-out. After coming of age as a punk in Belgium, he moved to London and co-wrote the Acid House anthems Beat Dis (Bomb the Bass) and Theme from S- Express (S-Express) in 1988, earning a rightful place in the history of electronic music. Having collaborated with a wide range of artists (Wire, Kylie Minogue, Miss Kittin) throughout his varied career, he has now reinvented himself under a pseudonym through which he can express his true personality.

Stubbleman embroiders the melodies of Mountains and Plains onto a canvas of minimalist piano, hemming his design with threads of modular synthesiser and the tinkling of a toy xylophone. He grabs the bass, guitars and Rhodes to sprinkle stars over the landscape of found sounds collected during his journey. The production, completed with the collaboration of Gareth Jones (Depeche Mode, Erasure, Indochine), borrows from Brian Eno’s experimentation, but connects with more recent textures of drone, and is hidden beneath a veil of emotions, with melancholic rhythms often crowned by epic sweeping surges. Thirty years after Theme From S-Express, Pascal Gabriel is inviting us to a contemplative reunion, to show us how he has matured. And how we have matured too.

Eric Delhaye / Libération 2019

Electronic Sound Magazine review
Thanks to Electronic Sound Magazine for the excellent review in issue 52!

‘Badlands Train’ is the ‘Chosen One’ on The Alternative 9
‘Chosen One’ on The Alternative 9 – Thank you so much for this perceptive review!

Preview in Front View Magazine
Excellent preview in Front View Magazine, thanks!

‘Mountains and Plains’ in The Vinyl Factory
Many thanks to Gabriela Helmet at The Vinyl Factory for this great introduction!

‘Mountains and Plains’ in Cast The Dice
Big thank you to Cast The Dice for this excellent preview!

‘Mountains and Plains’ in Concert Monkey
Many thanks to Concert Monkey for this very nice introduction!

March 25th, 2019
‘Badlands Train’ is available online, as of today, March 25th.
It’s a free pre-release for everyone – one month before the album is out!
There is also a short film to accompany it.

Release date for ‘Mountains and Plains’
The release date for ‘Mountains and Plains’ is April 26th, 2019.
You can pre-order it now
Download, CD, or in a beautiful gatefold-sleeve 180gm Vinyl
via this link.
Both physical formats come in a gatefold with inserts and additional photographs.

For future freebies, sample instruments etc.
or just to say hello and stay in touch,
please register on the mailing list.

Pre-release news

It’s been an exciting week:
We’re absolutely delighted to welcome Crammed Discs and Mute Song to the Stubbleman family!

‘Mountains and Plains’ mastered by the mighty Graeme Durham at The Exchange

The awesome Gareth Jones mixing ‘Mountains and Plains’ at The Art Lab





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